Poetic Creativity

Q.3] A5) Poetic Creativity - 2 Marks


1] Poem on Song of the open road

I roam the open road with joy and ease,

With nothing to hold me back or please.

I sing my song with the winds that blow,

And bask in the freedom that only it knows.

2] Poem on three stages of life

Life is a journey with three stages to see,

Youth filled with laughter, maturity with glee.

Old age creeps in, wisdom it brings,

But the soul still soars with joy that still clings.

3]  Poem on Indian weavers

Indian weavers, skilled hands at play,

Spinning magic with threads day by day.

Colors and patterns, a tapestry of life,

Their art a treasure, rife with cultural strife.

4] Poem on tit for tat

Tit for tat, a cycle never-ending,

Retaliation, revenge, and comprehending.

An eye for an eye only leaves the world blind,

It’s better to forgive and be a better kind.

5] Poem on the inchacape rock

The Inchcape Rock, a danger to all ships,

A beacon of warning, with each passing trip.

But the abbot’s bell, in the days of yore,

Rang out its warning, to sailors on shore.

6] Poem on have you earned tomorrow

Have you earned tomorrow with deeds of today?

With words that inspire, and actions that sway?

For each moment we live, it’s a chance to make right,

To shape our tomorrow, with wisdom and sight.

7] Poem on good work

Good work is a seed, planted with care,

Nurtured with effort, it blossoms fair.

It bears the fruit of success, with pride,

And makes the world a better place, inside.

8] Poem on father returning home

Father returning home, children run to greet,

With open arms and smiles, their joy can’t be beat.

His work is done, his weary bones can rest,

In the love of family, he finds true happiness.

9] Poem on neglected father

A neglected father, left to stand alone,

With only memories of love, he’s grown.

His children’s laughter, now just a distant sound,

In their hearts, a void, that cannot be found.

10] Poem on money

Money, a tool, a means to an end,

It can buy the luxuries, but not true friends.

With too much, one’s soul can easily corrupt,

But used wisely, it can bring joy and support.

11] Poem on false friends

False friends, they come and go with the tide,

In good times they’re near, in bad they hide.

Their words are sweet, but their actions untrue,

Beware of such friends, they’ll only lead you astray too.

12] Poem on true friends

True friends, a rare and precious find,

With them, we laugh, and solace we bind.

In good times and bad, they stand by our side,

Their love and support, an unbreakable guide.

13] Poem on beautiful woman

A beautiful woman, with grace and with charm,

Her smile a sunrise, her eyes like the stars.

Her laughter, a melody, that soothes the soul,

Her presence, a gift, that makes the world whole.

14] Poem on small towns and rivers

Small towns by rivers, peaceful and serene,

With secrets and stories, that have never been seen.

The river winds gently, through fields of gold,

A symphony of nature, for young and old.

15] Poem on small town

Small towns, where neighbors know each other’s name,

With streets that recall a simpler, gentler game.

Where life moves at a slower, more measured pace,

And a sense of community, time cannot erase.

16] Poem on river

The river flows on, a constant melody,

A symphony of nature, for all eyes to see.

It winds through mountains, and valleys below,

Bringing life and renewal, wherever it flows. 

17] Poem on love of father

The love of a father, forever so true,

A source of protection, and guidance too.

No matter the distance, or what life may bring,

His love remains steadfast, like the roots of a tree’s wing.

18] Poem on birth

A new life begins, with a cry and a sigh,

A soul enters the world, under a clear blue sky.

With wonder and joy, the journey begins,

A tiny footprint, to a life full of wins.

19] Poem on youth

Youth, a time of dreams, and of endless delight,

With energy and passion, that shines ever so bright.

The world is a playground, full of adventure and fun,

A time to be brave, and to bask in the sun.

20] Poem on death

Death, the great unknown, that we all must face,

A mystery that haunts, with each step and each pace.

Yet it brings release, from this mortal coil,

And a journey to realms, beyond the soil.

21] Poem on death

Death, a shadow that falls, on every life’s shore,

An end to our journey, forever more.

Yet in memories, we keep the love alive,

That of those who’ve passed on, and will always survive.

22] Poem on helping other

Helping others, a noble and selfless act,

A ray of kindness, that brings warmth to the heart.

A simple gesture, that goes far beyond measure,

A gift to the world, with endless treasure.

23] Poem on real happiness

Real happiness, a state of mind, so serene,

It shines from within, a light that’s evergreen.

It’s not in possessions, nor fame or great wealth,

But in the joy of giving, and in good health.

24] Poem on Father

Father, the guiding light,

Showing us the way, day and night.

Always there with open arms,

Protecting us from all harm.

25] Poem on freedom of mind

Freedom of mind, the key to inner peace,

Where thoughts are unshackled, and worries cease.

A state of being, where the spirit soars,

Where one can find, their own unique voice and force. 

26] Complete the blank lines to frame a poem of four lines describing happiness of life.

Real happiness dwells in mind,

………………………one can find.

Money can’t give us true happiness,

………………… message of kindness.


Real happiness dwells in mind,

A treasure one can find.

Money can’t give us true happiness,

It’s a message of kindness.

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