History of Novel-2023/1


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Match The Following

#1. Select the correct one.

#2. The 18th century has gifted English literature with two forms………

#3. The Novel is derived from ------

#4. The novel makes life easier to understand than in……

#5. The novel has a history of about ………

#6. Murasaki Shikibu’s ‘Tale of Genji’ is known as ………

#7. The first European novel is …………

#8. The novel ‘Don Quixote’ was published in two parts in ………..

#9. The middle-class, new readers were attracted in the appearance of………..

#10. In the 18th century, the Novel as a form appears to have been designed for both to voice the aspirations of…………..

#11. These new readers appreciated romances and tragedies

#12. A new type of literature would express the new ideas of the 18th century.

#13. After 1010, novel originated as the literary form in England.

#14. Due to Increase in trade and commerce and the Industrial Revolution, the middle class occupied status in the society.

#15. Middle class began to think or regard Novel as poor quality of reading material.

#16. The 18th century novels contained 1] The realistic picture of everyday life and 2] Problems of common people.

#17. Due to the spread of machines, the educated middle class could not get time for reading.

#18. English word 'Novel' is derived from the Italian '___________', meaning 'new.

#19. A Novel is relatively a ………………narrative.

#20. Write chronic order 1. The rise of middle class 2. Popularity of Novel 3. Drama and poetry shed charm 4. Industrial Revolutionary

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Solve the Online Test on History of Novel - 2

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