Wh- Questions Examples

Frame the wh -Questions to make underlined part as an answer.


1] The villagers built a playground for children behind the school.

2] R. B Burman composed the soundtrack for a blockbuster movie.

3] The Agriculture Minister organized a conference to bring together all the farmers of my country.

4] The chef crafted a five-course tasting menu for a birthday party.

5] Miss. Rekha designed a new dress using unused materials.

7] He will create a mobile app to promote mental health and well-being.

8] We organize a craft exhibition to promote local talent.

9] The artist painted a poster that depicted the rich history of India.

10] This poem inspires the readers to achieve their goals.

11] Mr. Kanarkar builds an eco-friendly house using durable materials.

12] We have designed a book collection.

13] The company  created 25 online platform to connect freelancers with job opportunities.

14] A life-size statue stood as a symbol of unity.

15] She wrote a blog post.

16] The community center will provide resources and support to local residents.

17] The scientists have invented 100 gadget that simplifies daily tasks.

18] The students must attend a lecture by a renowned professor.

19] The photographer captures stunning images of nature.

20]  The people build a treehouse in the backyard for their children.

21] Mr. John composed a heartfelt letter to express his gratitude.

22] We shall discuss our favorite novels before going to school.

23] The artist exhibited so many paintings.

24] She designed a unique piece of ring since morning to evening.

25] We create a documentary film to raise awareness about a social issue.

26] Rajan practices yoga every morning to stay fit, healthy and calm.

27] Mumbai is 150 km from Puna.

28] The musician composed a beautiful melody for the new song.

29] He painted a colorful mural on the side of a building.

30] They organized a blood donation camp.


1] Where did the villagers build a playground for children?

2] What did R. B Burman compose for a blockbuster movie?

3] What did the Agriculture Minister organize a conference? 

4] Who crafted a five-course tasting menu for a birthday party?

5] How did Miss. Rekha design a new dress? 

7] Why will he create a mobile app? 

8] What did we organize to promote local talent?

9] Who painted a poster that depicted the rich history of India?

10] Whom does this poem inspire to achieve their goals?

11] How does Mr. Kanarkar build an eco-friendly house?

12] What have we designed?

13] How many online platform did the company create  to connect freelancers with job opportunities?

14] Which statue stood as a symbol of unity?

15] What did she write?

16] Whom will the community center provide resources and support?

17] How many gadget have the scientists invented that simplifies daily tasks?

18] Who must attend a lecture by a renowned professor?

19] Which images of nature does the photographer capture?

20] Where do the people build a treehouse for their children?

21] Why did Mr. John compose a heartfelt letter?

22] When shall we discuss our favorite novels?

23] How many paintings did the artist exhibit?

24] How long did she design a unique piece of ring?

25] Why do we create a documentary film?

26] When does Rajan practice yoga to stay fit, healthy and calm?

27] How far is Mumbai from Puna?

28] Who composed a beautiful melody for the new song?

29] Where did he paint a colorful mural?

30] What did they organize?

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