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5] Write a blog in proper format on “The online classes ” with the help of the following points. (Write in about 100 to 150 words)

1) Introduction

2) Any quote of great personality.

3) Experience

4) Lower total costs.

5) More comfortable learning environment.

         The online classes became an important part of learning for the students in India at least in the period of Covid. Students do online classes in order to increase their knowledge, because schools, colleges and tuitions classes were closed. The platforms like Google meet and Zoom  are attracting the knowledge students around the globe. Now schools, colleges and tuitions classes have opened a new gate way of quality education through online education.

              The culture of online education has suddenly boomed in the past few months and has become a serious threat to traditional education system. Though there are advantages and disadvantages in both but I see online education as the future of education.

             Recently, I too attended a lot of online lectures and through my experience of online education; I would like to write down as my observations. Not only academic courses but also variety of programs and courses are taught now a day through online. Students not only study, but they can also earn every academic degree online, from a career certificate to a doctorate.

         Online classes prove more affordable ( किफ़ायतीसस्ता;) option than traditional classes. Online classes offer less tuition fees than traditional classes, associated expenses almost always cost less. For example, there are no commuting (travelling) costs, and no course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost. “Online learning can be a lifeline (जीवन रेखा) for students.”– says Paul Levinson, a famous author of, “The Soft Edge”

          Online classes are more comfortable for learning. The students study in their homely environment. Students listen to lectures and complete assignments and send to the teacher electronically, with no need to fight with the traffic, or  miss important family time.

       But students have to face some of the problems with online classes. First problem is not having proper internet connectivity. Second among them is syndrome. Third and the last I think is lack of motivation to complete such classes. Many students leave the online classes in between, losing some other useful topics, in many big cities which can never be completed again.

    Well the solution to the last two problems are easy, be punctual, be motivated and remain connected to the end.

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