The cop and the anthem

Personal Response Questions & Answers

Cop And (2)

1] What would you do if you were soapy ?

Ans: If I were Soapy, I would try to find alternative ways to improve my situation and address the root cause of my homelessness, such as seeking employment, reaching out to support organizations, or improving my financial literacy. I would also try to find legal and ethical ways to secure shelter and food for myself.

2] what would you do if you were the cop?

Ans: If I were the cop, I would enforce the law fairly and consistently, but instead of arresting soapy, I would show sympathy and compassion towards Soapy who are facing difficult circumstances. I would try to connect him with resources that could help improve his situation, such as shelters, food banks, or job training programs. I would also try to create a safe and respectful environment for everyone, including homeless individuals.

3]  What event changes Soapy’s mind about going to jail? what was the result of it?

Ans: Soapy changes his mind about going to jail after hearing a beautiful anthem from the church, which reminds him of his better days and makes him feel ashamed of his current situation. Finally, he realizes that he wants to try to better himself and make a change in his life.

4] What would you do if you were waiter?

Ans: If I were the waiter, a few things I would consider: I would try to maintain a friendly and respectful demeanor, and make sure that all customers feel welcome in my establishment regardless of their circumstances or appearance like Soapy.  if I noticed someone like Soapy who was homeless, I could offer them a meal or connect them with resources that could help improve their situation.

5] what do you think about the arrest of soapy?

Ans: In the story, Soapy’s arrest is a turning point for him. He realizes that his attempts to get arrested are not the solution to his problems and that he needs to find a better way to improve his situation. The arrest serves as a wake-up call for him and prompts him to rethink his life and his future.

From the perspective of the law enforcement officer, the arrest may have been necessary to maintain public order and safety. However, the officer in the story also could have shown compassion and understanding towards Soapy, which suggests that there may have been alternative solutions that could have been pursued. I think, his arrest was unjust for him. 

6] What would you do for the people like soapy?

Ans: I would donate to local organizations that provide services to the homeless, such as shelters, food banks, and healthcare clinics. I would prepare and serve meals at a soup kitchen, provide assistance at a homeless shelter, or offer job training and education services. I would try to provide affordable housing as well as healthcare and mental health services.

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